Double your chances of retaining top talent

with Frankli's people-focused employee development tools.
"Frankli is now our one-stop platform for one-to-one meetings, goal setting and career development.”
Niamh O'Connor
Head of Culture and Engagement

How it works

Career Pathways

Individual, employee-led roadmaps for success

Align employees and managers to create individual career paths with clear steps and milestones. Increase engagement and productivity by putting employees in the driver's seat.

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Internal Applications

Create an internal talent marketplace

Standardise the application process to minimise bias. Make expectations crystal clear with a framework of competencies for each role. Retain talent by facilitating non-linear career paths.

Grow your People, Grow your Business

Use career pathways to boost retention, drive engagement and build a culture of learning.

Coaching and Mentoring

Connect employees for growth opportunities

Transform employee development by giving people the support they need to get to the next level. Provide opportunities to build skills, work on key projects and connect with leaders.

Frankli app screenshot showcasing one-to-one meetings on a laptop device.

One-on-One Meetings

Make employee development a top priority

Ensure employee development is top of mind by supporting managers to conduct career-focused conversations with their people. Provide structure for connecting on developmental goals.
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Continuous Feedback

Bring development into everyday conversations

Ensure employees are getting the quality and frequency of constructive feedback they need in order to grow and improve. Build a culture of learning and continuous improvement.

Frankli app screenshot showcasing one-to-one meetings on a laptop device.

How it benefits your teams

Benefits for Business
Accelerated growth, higher retention rates and an impactful increase in employee engagement.
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Benefits for HR
Reduced bias and an automated application process that saves teams time and money.
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Benefits for People
Personal career development plans, meaningful growth opportunities and clearer expectations.

Give your teams the tools to deliver exceptional results