Frankli integrates where work happens

Save time, increase adoption and reach people directly in the tools they use everyday. Frankli's integrations cover  the most popular tools people use every day as well as the leading HR systems.

Say goodbye to clunky systems and siloed workflows.
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    Reach people where they work
    Our integrations connect to the tools your people use every day so relevant insights and feedback are easily accessible
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    Plug and Play
    Our Product is API Lead-by-Design making it easy to sync data with existing HR applications

    No more siloed data or applications.
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    Increase Adoption
    Making it easy for people to use Frankli in their existing workflows drives overall participation & uptake.

Give a voice to employees

Listen to & engage employees in feedback in order to make better, faster more informed business decisions.

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Grow a performance culture

Bring performance to life with meaningful conversations and continuous feedback.

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Develop future leaders

Empower people to create a career plan that grows with you & strengthen organisational capability.

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Start building your high performance culture today.