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with Frankli's people-focused employee engagement tools.

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"Frankli has definitely changed the culture in terms of our engagement, our performance and how we communicate."
Keith Moran

How it works

Flexible Survey Templates

Boost engagement with research‑backed survey templates. Easy to deploy & capture results in real-time.


Better understand your people and drive meaningful change.

Empowered People

Give people the tools they need to drive meaningful change.

Survey Templates

Access leading industry survey templates

Let Frankli do the heavy lifting– understand engagement, bring attention to wellbeing at work priorities and quickly get feedback on the onboarding and exit experience, and more.

Custom Polls

Design & run custom polls

Create polls tailored to your individual needs, with all the results captured in one place. Benefit from automated scheduling and reminders.


Measure Employee NPS and take action

How do employees really feel about their work? Frankli's eNPS survey can help measure employee satisfaction and identify key areas of focus for improvement.

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Praise & Recognition

Build a culture of recognition

Boost engagement by making it simple for anyone to publicly praise colleagues when it matters most, while driving positive interactions among teams.

People Analytics

Make better, faster decisions

Turn insights into action. Uncover the important links between engagement and performance.

How it benefits your teams

Benefits for Manager
Higher productivity and stronger relationships between employees and managers.
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Benefits for HR
Lower turnover, higher employee satisfaction and a thriving company culture.
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Benefits for People
Higher impact feedback on performance and a meaningful influence on company culture.
The all-in-one performance OS

People Leads

  • Talking point templates to help you run successful 1:1 meetings
  • Support with all types of conversations
  • Notifications and reminders to help you stay organised
  • Coaching and Mentoring options
  • Analytics for excellent team management

HR / People Ops

  • No more annual reviews
  • A platform people love to use
  • Real-time feedback & engagement
  • Hear feedback long before the exit interview
  • Retain key talent and reduce attrition.


  • Regular 1:1's to drive your career progression
  • Your voice amplified
  • Set you up for success
  • Clarity on your goals & priorities
  • Remain visible and connected when hybrid or remote working

Start building your high performance culture today.

Make performance management powerful, not painful.