The enterprise performance software that turns new ways of working into new ways of winning.

We need to find what works faster. Make better decisions. Collaborate. Simplify our ways of working together. In person and virtually. Focus on our customers. Share information. Be more efficient. Innovate. Attract new talent. Retain the great talent we have. Unleash Your Potential.

Why Frankli?

We believe in People-Centred Performance Management
Creating the potential for people to do amazing things. That's empowerment to the people, Frankli
Our Strong Sense of Purpose

We're here to make a difference and that drives us each day to make a better product and a better place to work for our Customers.
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We Care
When it comes to our customers, we care deeply about the experiences we create and our positive impact on people.

We constantly do our absolute best for our customers. We listen, we act fast and we exceed expectations in a consistent, measured way.
We Own It

We feel a real sense of ownership at Frankli.  If we come across something that’s broken,  we fix it.  If something can be better, we say so and immediately improve it.
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Ruthless Focus on Outcomes

We are measured by our output, not our input. The process matters much less than the product of that process. Results are our measure of success.

What sets us apart

Expertise & Know-how

Our collective capability and expertise is laser focused on solving the universal challenge of ineffective performance management and employee engagement systems

Performance Intelligence

We've researched the worlds best performance management processes and thinking to create this best in class platform

Rapid Innovation

We continuously evolve at a pace of change that legacy systems just cannot compete with

Obsessed with UX

Our obsession with UX has resulted in a product and a level of usability like no other in market

Unfiltered feedback + Unbiased data = Unbelievably helpful insights for growing high performance cultures.