Increase the odds of hitting your goals to 95%

with Frankli's people-focused performance management tools.
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A fairer, consistent approach

Create an approach to performance that your people will trust and buy into

Continuous performance conversations

Promote collaboration and ongoing communication around performance with multi-sourced feedback, goals/OKRs and 1:1 meetings.

Flexible & Easy

Design & run flexible reviews – quickly assess performance using Frankli's templates, multi‑sourced feedback, analytics and calibration tools.
Frankli allows people to come together better, faster, be more aligned and produce better results at the end of the day."
Nicole O'Brien
Chief People Officer

How it works

1:1 Meetings

Richer, consistent conversations
between managers & employees

Build a goal setting culture that keeps teams aligned and one where everyone knows how to be successful. With recommended talking point templates & shared notes; consistent, focused 1-on-1s become the norm.

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Frankli app screenshot showcasing OKR goals.

OKR Goals

Align teams & achieve more together

Leverage proven modern methodologies for goal-setting using OKRs that keep teams & individuals on track with goals that are relevant and understood.

Continuous Feedback

Give & receive feedback that fuels growth

Build a feedback culture that promotes the great things your people do while also providing constructive feedback to help them improve in real-time. No more waiting for the annual performance review.

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Frankli app screenshot showcasing modern performance review cycles.

Review Cycles

A fresh take on Performance Reviews

Redesign your performance review process to build high-performing teams with ongoing performance conversations and a trusted, fairer review process.

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Consistent & fairer review outcomes

Calibrations in Frankli offer flexibility & fairness when assessing overall performance. Track overall performance across the company and identify opportunities for adjustment and alignment.
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Frankli app screenshot showcasing reporting and analytics functionality.

People Analytics

Make better, faster decisions

Turn insights into action from real-time multi-sourced data analytics by uncovering the important links between your organisation’s performance and engagement.


Drive adoption with seamless workflow integrations

Whether it's Slack, Microsoft Teams, or other productivity tools our integrations enable employees to give and receive feedback without having to switch from their workflow.

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How it benefits your teams

Benefits for Manager
Higher goal success rates, more impactful conversations, and dynamic automation that saves managers 100s of hours per year.
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Benefits for HR
Lower attrition rates and dynamic automation that saves HR teams 1000+ hours per year in performance-related admin.
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Benefits for People
Clearer expectations, more meaningful feedback and an increased likelihood of reaching personal and team goals.
The all-in-one performance OS

People Leads

  • Talking point templates to help you run successful 1:1 meetings
  • Support with all types of conversations
  • Notifications and reminders to help you stay organised
  • Coaching and Mentoring options
  • Analytics for excellent team management

HR / People Ops

  • No more annual reviews
  • A platform people love to use
  • Real-time feedback & engagement
  • Hear feedback long before the exit interview
  • Retain key talent and reduce attrition.


  • Regular 1:1's to drive your career progression
  • Your voice amplified
  • Set you up for success
  • Clarity on your goals & priorities
  • Remain visible and connected when hybrid or remote working

Start building your high performance culture today.

Make performance management powerful, not painful.