Calculating the Real Cost of Attrition & Disengagement

When things are not right in a workplace two things happen.
At first people become disengaged and then they often decide to leave. Both are significant challenges for employers and are extremely expensive problems if not tackled head on.

We have created two calculators to help you estimate the cost of these two challenges in your organisation today and to demonstrate the undisputed return on investment of Frankli.

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Ensuring a Significant Return of Investment

Leadership teams love data, but it's not always easy to exactly quantify
the value of investing in business tools.

There are countless positive reasons to choose Frankli, but here we focus on how we help solve the two most costly challenges for organisations. Disengagement and Attrition.

Customers have found our two calculators really helpful to objectively show the real and substantial commercial return on this particular investment in people and performance.

Cost of Attrition

The cost of replacing a good performer is staggeringly high and not just the direct recruitment cost or the likely salary increase required to hire in the right talent. There is also the time lost and the opportunity cost to the business, given the disruption. Our handy calculator helps you work out this cost for your organisation.
Leader-Level Employee
Annual Salary + Benefits
X 250%
Cost to Replace Each Employee
For each employee lost, the cost to the company could be 50%-250% of his/her annual salary. (SHRM)
So how does it work? Simply enter your average salary information to show your cost of attrition today.

With your figures, the calculator will show how beneficial it is to deploy a tool that positively impacts your bottom line.

Imagine the very positive financial impact of every 1% reduction in your attrition!
Entry-Level Employees
Annual Salary + Benefits
X 50%
Cost to Replace Each Employee
Disengagement rate
X 17.20%
# disengaged employees
= 17
Median annual salary
Gallup % cost of disengagement
X 34%
Annual cost per disengaged employee
= € 25,500
Total Cost of Disengagement
Gallup estimates 17.2% of the workforce is actively disengaged

Cost of Disengagement

People are clearly disengaged when there is low participation in your company events or surveys, when there's an unexpectedly high absence rate or lower productivity. Customers will certainly be aware of any disengagement bringing with it a negative financial impact.

To help you and your colleagues calculate the value of building an engaging work environment in your organisation, the starting point is to measure it.  
So simply input your company headcount to calculate the cost of disengagement in your organisation using Gallup's validated data.

By investing in a tool that, amongst other things, helps build engagement, you and your colleagues can soon start to calculate the value created for your company.

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