Finding your Company's Rhythm

There are plenty of books out there on leadership strategy, but what about execution? How do you actually implement the changes that research tells us will improve performance?

Here's the short answer: it's all about identifying and introducing everyday rituals that will fuel your company's success.

In Frankli's eBook, you'll find the long answer, a practical guide to growing your business using 6 research-based pillars of employee-centric leadership.


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What's included:


to help you identify room for improvement


with action points you can tackle today


for goal-setting, meetings, feedback and more


for creating culture and productivity guides

A Practical Guide for People-Focused Leaders

Use our simple framework to make real-time changes that impact productivity, engagement and the bottom line.


  • How to create goals that deliver results

    Adopt a powerful goal-setting framework that's easy to cascade to managers and employees, while increasing the odds of hitting goals.
  • How to use feedback to improve performance

    Create a culture of feedback and ensure your people are getting the responses they need to make continuous, real-time improvements.
  • How to make every conversation count

    Make unnecessary meetings a thing of the past. Ensure your people are only having essential, efficient and impactful conversations.
  • How to use coaching to boost productivity

    Implement a four-step plan to transform productivity by empowering managers to coach their people on research-based best practices.
  • How to make internal communications seamless

    Simplify and optimise communications for remote, hybrid or in-office teams. Use our template to create an internal comms playbook.
  • How to build an irresistible company culture

    Define, refine and operationalise your company's culture, and create a company culture playbook using our handy, step-by-step guide.

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