How Niamh O’Connor Helps her Teams Thrive

Consistency, clarity and flexibility are key success factors for high-performing teams at Cpl.

Niamh O'Connor

Head of Culture and Engagement

1. Transform Appraisals through Automation

“We were doing performance reviews in Microsoft Word and Excel, there was no single format that was universal to everyone. Some people had challenges with Word, some people had challenges with Excel. It was a very manual process. This year, everything is managed and tracked through Frankli, and I can see that the adoption rates and the completion rates for performance reviews are way up, compared to other years.”
1:1 meetings in Frankli

2. Prioritise Praise and Recognition

"Giving praise is something we want to actively encourage, so the fact that Frankli asks, 'Do you want to give praise?' and provides a really easy way of doing it, is really useful. It reminds you to quickly say, 'I thought you were great doing this,' or, 'This was a real standout moment for me.' That functionality actually is really brilliant because it's different. It's unique and it's what people want."

2. Make the Most of Every Conversation

“Before we started using Frankli, one-to-one meetings were happening in some cases, and they weren't in others. Frankli has definitely brought consistency to one-to-ones. It has enhanced our one-to-one discussions, and provided structure. It's clear it has promoted better conversations, which has led to better relationships between managers and teams."

3. Give People Clarity on Goals

“Frankli has forced people to be cognisant of objectives and key results. It’s given people clarity and direction on what needs to be achieved. And it’s given managers clarity around what they're actually directing their teams to do. Then you have your one-to-one meetings that are there to help drive and facilitate the goals. So overall you're anticipating higher company performance.”
Performance reviews in Frankli

4. One Size Doesn’t Have to Fit All

“We have very different businesses across very different areas. One of our subsidiaries wanted to do quarterly reviews, whereas the rest of the organisation is doing annual reviews. The fact that we were able to say, ‘Okay, we can set up a quarterly cycle for you,’ is just brilliant. That ability to adjust things within the platform, and do things differently for different parts of the organisation, shouldn't be underestimated, because you might need to treat your sales department differently to your support teams.”

5. Keep Performance-Related Data in One Place

“When Frankli was demoed to me, I instantly fell in love with the platform because I could see how it would address some of the challenges that we were facing. Before Frankli, career development was over here and goals were over there. Whereas now it's all neatly tied up in one place. Frankli is our one-stop platform for 1:1 meetings, goal setting, career development and reviews.”

6. Invest in Career Development Tools

“When it comes to career development, everyone is in agreement that Frankli is the better move. The Careers tools have saved so much time in the promotion process. Before, the application form was going from employee to manager to moderation committee, from employee portal to Microsoft Teams. That’s one area where we’ve saved so much time. Managers saw that it was so much easier to do it through Frankli.”

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