How staffing and recruitment companies are improving performance

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In the wake of the global pandemic, talent acquisition, staffing, recruitment and hiring strategies have gone through significant challenges and change. Technology has been key to helping recruitment companies, employers and candidates navigate uncertain waters in 2020 and 2021. Even as offices begin to reopen, many companies are re-evaluating the way they work and the future of their operations to ensure stability and the safety of employees while driving growth and a high performance culture. For organisations to be seen as progressive and competitive in what they can offer people and from a health and safety point of view, remote and hybrid working models need to be enabled.

With this new way of working comes a new set of challenges in the staffing and recruitment industry. Employee engagement and performance momentum with a remote workforce brings a whole new set of challenges for Managers and Leadership. How to ensure employees work effectively from home while still driving the momentum of an energetic office environment? Hitting targets while motivating, engaging and retaining the best performers? Remote working has many benefits, but it can foster a lack of community and teamwork, which can, in turn, lead to a lack of motivation especially for people in those roles that require energy, enthusiasm and personal drive on a daily basis to consistently engage with clients and candidates. And with the ever-increasing need for recruitment help in attracting top talent for firms across most industries, staffing firms have never been busier. 

Although employee loyalty is a highly desirable trait, recruitment professionals are acutely aware that most employees are passively observing better opportunities they see every day. This fact is most relevant to recruiters themselves. Talent poaching within the industry is rife. 

So, how can companies hold onto A players, while supporting a remote or hybrid model and help the entire workforce stay connected and motivated to improve? 

Luckily, technology has been the saving grace of many industries who face similar challenges with software that helps improve engagement, fosters collaboration, tracks and progresses performance, delivers best-practice and makes work much more people-centric. All while people are working at home. 

Organisations can now deploy software that helps them develop a high-performance culture, through a process of meaningful and consistent conversations and continuous feedback. Those companies and leaders who are deploying digital technologies to shape performance and engagement are already seeing tremendous changes in engagement and attrition. Good goal setting and a consistent focus on OKRs and KPIs in staffing and recruitment firms, ensures everyone knows precisely what is expected of them and employees can set out their own plan for how to get there. Simply put, performance management software gives people the space and tools to facilitate high-performance

Performance management and engagement software synergies are not just useful to empower team members to manage their own performance and career development. Managers are also hugely empowered and enabled. They can see who is excelling and who is falling behind; They can identify what is needed in terms of coaching and one-to-ones for that team member to become more productive. Managers can easily see who is over-achieving, how they are performing and how they can be rewarded and further motivated.  Using this type of software creates greater transparency and visibility across the business and teams ensuring everyone knows where they’re at, how they’re performing, and more importantly,  people feel connected to the business and each other.

To learn more about how Frankli can help your staffing and recruitment organisation, contact or feel free to book a product demo here.

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