How digital agencies can soar during a pandemic.

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Spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, where most of the world's population were suddenly restricted from moving outside their homes and shops and the majority of bricks and mortar establishments were forced to close to adhere to strict lockdown guidelines. Virtual consumerism and e-commerce sales accelerated. The increase in consumerism and online shopping trends are pushing many companies towards hiring digital advertising and online media specialists because of the many benefits and synergies they provide those organisations looking to capitalise on strong consumer demand. 

Digital and creative agencies are busier than ever. The success of any organisation working in a creative industry entirely depends on attracting and retaining top-notch, high-performing specialists in their fields. Everything and anything that positively influences the culture in agencies is of paramount importance for these businesses. Even as offices begin to reopen, many companies are re-evaluating the way they work and the future of their operations to ensure both the stability and the safety of all their valued employees. Remote and hybrid working models need to be options for people, from a health and safety point of view, and for organisations to be seen as progressive and competitive in what they can offer people. 

With this new way of working, comes a new set of challenges for agencies. Employee engagement and creative collaboration with a remote workforce creates a whole new challenge for Leaders. 

How do you encourage employees to work virtually and effectively from home while still fostering a creative workplace and strong team engagement? Remote working - or as we prefer to call it - "digital working" - has many benefits, but it can foster a lack of community and teamwork, which, in turn, can lead to a lack of creativity, especially in a role that requires energy, artistry and expression on a daily basis.  And as I said already, with the ever-increasing need for digital agency assistance for many brands, advertising, media and digital agencies have never been busier. The need to attract and retain talent in an already-pressurised industry is absolutely critical.

Luckily, technology has been the saving grace of many industries who face similar challenges, with the creation of software that helps improve engagement, foster collaboration and make work more people-centric, while people are working at home. Organisations can now implement software that helps grow a culture through strong engagement with meaningful and consistent conversations and continuous feedback, and coaching and mentoring. 

Companies and leaders that utilise the power of digital technology to shape and restructure engagement are already seeing tremendous improvements in teamwork and collaboration on projects across  employees - regardless of where and how they work. An empowered team tends to be a more engaged team. And higher engagement drives significantly higher productivity. We like to call that  “power to the people.”

At Frankli, we are on a mission to help businesses have the most engaged, empowered and productive people possible. We do this by supporting the creation and embedding of an ideal, high performance culture. 

To hear how we can help you, your people and your company achieve this, get in touch by emailing or feel free to book a product demo here.

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