What is People Management?

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We've all heard of people management, but what exactly does it mean? Today, we're providing a simple definition and quick explainer on why it's so important.

What is People Management?

People management is the process of supporting employees to do their best work, in order to optimise productivity across the organisation. It involves finding the right people for the job, training and onboarding new starters, engaging and guiding employees in their work, and supporting employee development. It’s about helping people reach their full potential, so that the business can thrive and grow.

People management usually covers;

  • Acquisition - recruitment, training, compensation and benefits
  • Performance management - goal-setting, overseeing workflows
  • Development - career growth, professional development
  • Retention - engagement, health and wellbeing, emotional culture

Why is People Management important? 

High-performing leadership teams, which may include team leads, managers, and department heads, use people management principles every day to inform their people strategy and help their company reach its goals. Successful people management is synonymous with high productivity, high engagement levels and high retention levels.

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