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Higher retention.
Higher productivity.
Deeper employee insights.

Frankli helps companies tap into employee potential while offering unmatched flexibility and customer service. It’s goal-setting, feedback, 1:1 meetings, performance reviews, surveys and employee development, all in one, easy-to-use platform.
  • Evidence-Based Frameworks for Reviews, 1:1s & more
  • Simplicity to the fore with automated workflows
  • Boost employee engagement with research backed surveys
  • Easy to deploy & capture results in real-time
🚀 Save HR and managers 1000s of hours per year through automation
🚀 Accelerate productivity with actionable employee data
🚀 Boost retention by giving your people clarity on their career growth
🚀 Use feedback to fuel real-time changes that lead to high performance
🚀 Elevate processes like goal setting, reviews and 1:1 meetings
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Rated#1 for Quality of Support on G2

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The performance and engagement platform fuelling high-growth teams

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How Frankli compares with your current HRIS

Establishes daily, weekly and monthly rituals that unlock employee potential
Reimagines traditional practices like goal-tracking, 1:1 meetings, feedback, reviews and career development
Provides actionable employee insights to inform business strategy
Increases productivity, saving 1000s of hours per year through automation
Creates equitable experiences for hybrid, remote and office-based employees
Drives adoption organically with award-winning UX
Rated#1 for Quality of Support on G2

7 powerful tools in 1 easy-to-use platform.

Empower your people to create meaningful rituals that instantly impact performance.

How Frankli Stacks Up

Give your teams the tools to deliver exceptional results